My goal, my costume values

Play as your own character

I want to enhance the bodies by proposing adapted cuts, in contrast to the normalization of ready-to-wear, in order to reappropriate and assert one's own personality

To do this I propose only bespoke and models/collections in small series so that your garment is in your image.

Timeless and responsible fashion

I am committed to offering an alternative to the production of mass clothing, offering sustainable and personality-inspired models, inspired by times gone by that fascinate me with their refinement and elegance.

Flowery wedding dress
Photography by Nicolas Desvignes.
Wedding dress 2020

Cosplay de Legolas
Legolas Cosplay 2018.
Photography by Your Instants of Life
Legolas as Alex
Hairstyle: Laetitia La Blonde
Accesoires: Astier Industries
Costume: The Traveller's Workshop
The Rainbird
Assistant: Sébastien Lemoine

Escape through alternative fashion

Costume and fashion are also a way to escape to another world thanks to alternative clothes and costumes: re-enactment or historical inspiration, steampunk, fantasy… Play as the character of your choice for a day… or affirm your daily tastes with elements that are out of the ordinary!

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By the way

Photograph of a red blouse, in a V-shaped with a hollow fold on the middle in front of three-quarter sleeves
Grey and black contemporary shirt
Tailor jacket