Portrait façon monde sorcier

Once upon a time

Portrait façon monde sorcier
My wizard portrait, made by Rue des Grisettes


For many people, this word does not mean much. And yet it was this one that made me switch during my first year in Musicology bachelor degree to the world of costume.

The orcheography is a dance treaty from the 16th century. At that time, dancing was part of good manners and it was unthinkable to be admitted to the court or to any high-end society if one could not dance.

While until then my thoughts were all about music and lyrical singing, I began to imagine wonderful balls in astonishing costumes.

I did not suspect for a moment that a whole community already existed. Life’s luck brought me to meet a corset-maker, then the internet world exposed me to its steampunk communities, its historical reenactors, its creative forums and … I had already switched .

Once I have gratuated my bachelor degree, I gave up everything to pursue my new dream of becoming a costumer. After a Diploma of Craftsmanship (DMA) in Costume-making in the lovely little town of Dole, France, I decided to complete my training with a technical dressmaking education specialized in art crafts.

I had the chance to carry out varied and exciting internships, sometimes with my role-models who motivated me even more to continue! For example at  L’Atelier des VertugadinsEsaïkha Créations, La Marquise de Say or even with Mathieu Crescence for my DMA final project. For this one, I made a costume for the opera Don César de Bazan by Massenet, played in Paris and edited by the company Les Frivolités Parisiennes. This was an intense moment, where my old passion of singing met my new passion for costume. And all of that without forgetting my grandmother, a former professional dressmaker teacher, who always answers the call when I feel lost.

(For more details on my professional background, visit my Linkedin)

And now...

Travail sur mon costume de fin de DMA

After a year in the ready-to-wear clothing industry of major Haute Couture brands (Chanel, Balmain, Balenciaga, etc.) I left for a year in Sweden as an au pair to go and discover this country that fascinated me since my first trip to Stockholm in 2012.

Today I sail between France and Sweden where I am about to set up as a web developer, with the aim of opening my workshop-boutique for tailor-made clothing and small series as soon as possible. Or, if an opportunity comes up, go back to the opera and theater world which still brings sparkles in my eyes !